My name is Jess, and most days I have no idea what I'm really doing but I just want to do it well. I work crazy hours in Ad Tech but on the side I'm untangling my life and feelings on a little blog called Sting and Honey. 

hey, it's me!

We haven't met yet, but keep reading.

sting and honey was a whisper in my mind in the midst of a long break from writing.

To be honest I didn’t know if I would ever find my way back but that’s the funny thing about God. I didn’t write one thing or type one thing but those three words immediately felt deep and familiar and here we are. Nice to meet you!

Some things that inspire me to write are:
- Gifs/memes
- Controversial topics
- Navigating church culture while single
- Netflix
- Unanswered prayers

hey fam, i don't know about you, but finding god in the hard seasons has always been tough for me.

It's one thing to read the Psalms and believe that He is near to the crushed and broken-hearted but it is another thing to hold true to that faithfully when you can't feel it. 

Most of my walk of faith has not been trouble-free. I can easily find myself questioning God, or even resenting Him. While there have been times where without a doubt God has given me a breakthrough, I can lose sight of those moments once another breakdown emerges. Can I get an amen?

So here is the beginning of what I hope is a lifelong friendship with me, your often weary hearted sister in Christ. Know that your questions are not too big to be answered. I’ll share some of the valleys I’ve wandered and how I found my way out and also some that I’m still stuck inside. My hope is that this is a space where you feel inspired. This is not just about me and you, but I hope it can be about us - walking our unique paths, and sharing what we’ve learned or still need to learn. I’ll see you out there.

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If you're looking for a Christian podcast that is real, unfiltered, and just a little bit cheeky, you've come to the right place.

If you just woke up, go on and grab that coffee. If it's happy hour, pour yourself a glass of wine. Get ready to have a chat with your host and special guests where they'll discuss faith-related topics and life in general -- from when it all makes sense to when it hurts like hell.

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When I'm navigating a confusing season I want to feel heard and understood. If you need a friend who gets it, keep reading.

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