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Have you ever felt like something was on its way? It feels like a combination of excitement and almost fear? Or like you are forgetting something that you wrote down on your calendar but have this funny feeling? I’ve been feeling like something is on the horizon for a little while now. I’ve come to […]

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German Forest Ranger Finds That Trees Have Social Networks, Too I read the above article a few months ago now, and knew I wanted to post it here. If you’re new here, you’ll start to realize that I love random stuff like this. Whether it’s an article, a movie, a dream, something someone said, I […]



On March 19th I wrote some details of a very odd dream in my phone. I was in a helicopter and down below I could see a very vibrantly green field and the top canopy of trees as I passed overhead. It reminded me a bit of what I saw when I had the dream […]

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Dry Bones

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On Monday I finally got around to writing a blog post about the second dream that I had on the 18th. I was expectant after posting it and looking forward to whenever my third dream would come, however, I wasn’t really anticipating my third dream to come that same night. I guess God has something he […]

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The Beekeeper

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I’ve been known to have really odd dreams. I remember being a kid and it being the same way, Anyway, this morning I woke up from a dream that left me feeling unsettled. I was in a field. Open, green, and full of people. The day was warm and bright and the sky was blue and […]

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When the bee stings

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