I’m kind feel stuck inside an in-between season where I try to be grateful for where I have been able to get to thus far – while still keeping my eye on things that remain difficult in my life that I hope resolve. I’m grateful for the steps I’ve taken to remain secure in my […]

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The Courage To Bloom

Most people that meet me tell me straight up that I’m a laid back – easy to get along with person – so it’s interesting to also do some self-reflection and acknowledge that I also struggle with peace. Isn’t it funny how people can see you as one thing and be surprised that that’s not […]

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Learning To Master Peace

A friend of mine sent me the following quote (if you know the original author let me know) but it went something like “You are art: create yourself over and over.” If you’ve ever read the Bible the concept of God’s creation being art is a concept illustrated in Ephesians 2:10 where it says: “For […]

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You are art

I’ve REALLY struggled the last 3 weeks with things that have been happening to me. I’m talking unexpected bills, two thefts, an unexpected trip to the emergency vet, breaking one of my toes, and a stranger punching my car while I was in it. It feels like a lot because, well – it IS a […]

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The daily practice of letting go

Trigger warning – SA * * * * * So much of recovering from sexual assault is feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. Your body, your agency, your identity becomes sullied by another person. You don’t feel like you fully belong to yourself anymore. For the first few years I felt like my skin was […]

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But it will make you free