I’ve REALLY struggled the last 3 weeks with things that have been happening to me. I’m talking unexpected bills, two thefts, an unexpected trip to the emergency vet, breaking one of my toes, and a stranger punching my car while I was in it. It feels like a lot because, well – it IS a […]

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The daily practice of letting go

Trigger warning – SA * * * * * So much of recovering from sexual assault is feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. Your body, your agency, your identity becomes sullied by another person. You don’t feel like you fully belong to yourself anymore. For the first few years I felt like my skin was […]

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But it will make you free

I’m not sure if this sounds super dramatic but I’ve felt suppressed for a long time. I can’t keep plants alive but I know there comes a time when a plant’s roots are growing and the only thing holding it back from growing more is the size of the container its in. I can make […]

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Like a small plant rising 

Celebrating personal growth and becoming who you are meant to be

You will find it. What do you mean it? I mean whatever your heart or mind immediately filled in when you read this title. Ha! For me, something that I have feared for most of my life (yes even childhood) was that I would never find love and get married. I think being exposed to […]

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You will find it

I published a podcast similar to this topic a while ago: here. But this is something that can come up at times for me still to this day. The desire to be fully healed according to my standards of healing so I don’t have to feel embarrassed that I’m still not over “it”. Have you […]

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Be gentle with your healing