I remember having my first panic attack in elementary school. It didn’t feel like one, I didn’t know what it was but looking back now I know that this was the beginning of my mental health journey.

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The Lord and Lexapro

I worried that people would be disappointed in me, I worried that no one would care what I did any more because I wasn’t actively volunteering, I worried that I would lose my purpose and drift through Sundays. There were a lot of feelings I had. And yet, officially on April 27th I cut my rope. It wasn’t this heroic thing. It was more like, God, I don’t feel like I have it in me to continue in this capacity any more.

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German Forest Ranger Finds That Trees Have Social Networks, TooI read the above article a few months ago now, and knew I wanted to post it here.If you’re new here, you’ll start to realize that I love random stuff like this. Whether it’s an article, a movie, a dream, something someone said, I feel like […]



Originally posted 3/20/2014: On March 19th I wrote some details of a very odd dream in my phone. I was in a helicopter and down below I could see a very vibrantly green field and the top canopy of trees as I passed overhead. It reminded me a bit of what I saw when I […]

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Dry Bones

Originally posted 4/1/2014: On Monday I finally got around to writing a blog post about the second dream that I had on the 18th. I was expectant after posting it and looking forward to whenever my third dream would come, however, I wasn’t really anticipating my third dream to come that same night. I guess God […]

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The Beekeeper