Not everyone starts out in the same place, so it amazes me that people can expect one another to be at the same destination. What do you mean Jess? People grow up with good families or friends they still have and so they might have yet to experience true loneliness, loss, or bitterness towards God.  […]

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We’re not from the same place

At the end of last month I went on vacation to California to stay with one of my mom’s oldest friends. As luck would have it, I received a bittersweet phone call the night before the flight out, and while it didn’t ruin the excitement or hope I had for the trip – it wasn’t […]

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Finding Meaning in the Every Day

I worried that people would be disappointed in me, I worried that no one would care what I did any more because I wasn’t actively volunteering, I worried that I would lose my purpose and drift through Sundays. There were a lot of feelings I had. And yet, officially on April 27th I cut my rope. It wasn’t this heroic thing. It was more like, God, I don’t feel like I have it in me to continue in this capacity any more.

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