I’m kind feel stuck inside an in-between season where I try to be grateful for where I have been able to get to thus far – while still keeping my eye on things that remain difficult in my life that I hope resolve. I’m grateful for the steps I’ve taken to remain secure in my […]

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The Courage To Bloom

Most people that meet me tell me straight up that I’m a laid back – easy to get along with person – so it’s interesting to also do some self-reflection and acknowledge that I also struggle with peace. Isn’t it funny how people can see you as one thing and be surprised that that’s not […]

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Learning To Master Peace

A few months ago I saw this quote on the internet and wrote it down: “Fill your cup the same way you pour”. I don’t know about you but I spent a lot of my life pouring and less time filling my cup. I wanted to feel validation at school or work so I pushed […]

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The Way You Pour

You will find it. What do you mean it? I mean whatever your heart or mind immediately filled in when you read this title. Ha! For me, something that I have feared for most of my life (yes even childhood) was that I would never find love and get married. I think being exposed to […]

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You will find it

I published a podcast similar to this topic a while ago: here. But this is something that can come up at times for me still to this day. The desire to be fully healed according to my standards of healing so I don’t have to feel embarrassed that I’m still not over “it”. Have you […]

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Be gentle with your healing