A few years ago I had a series of nightmares that all seemed to relate to the idea of being unable to speak. One of them involved me going through my every day life running errands, but when I went to talk to other people I realized I couldn’t. Before long I couldn’t breathe and […]

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Silenced or Stuck?

Not everyone starts out in the same place, so it amazes me that people can expect one another to be at the same destination. What do you mean Jess? People grow up with good families or friends they still have and so they might have yet to experience true loneliness, loss, or bitterness towards God.  […]

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We’re not from the same place

I remember having my first panic attack in elementary school. It didn’t feel like one, I didn’t know what it was but looking back now I know that this was the beginning of my mental health journey.

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The Lord and Lexapro