I’ve REALLY struggled the last 3 weeks with things that have been happening to me. I’m talking unexpected bills, two thefts, an unexpected trip to the emergency vet, breaking one of my toes, and a stranger punching my car while I was in it. It feels like a lot because, well – it IS a […]

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The daily practice of letting go

A few months ago I saw this quote on the internet and wrote it down: “Fill your cup the same way you pour”. I don’t know about you but I spent a lot of my life pouring and less time filling my cup. I wanted to feel validation at school or work so I pushed […]

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The Way You Pour

I’m not sure if this sounds super dramatic but I’ve felt suppressed for a long time. I can’t keep plants alive but I know there comes a time when a plant’s roots are growing and the only thing holding it back from growing more is the size of the container its in. I can make […]

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Like a small plant rising 

Celebrating personal growth and becoming who you are meant to be

A few years ago I had a series of nightmares that all seemed to relate to the idea of being unable to speak. One of them involved me going through my every day life running errands, but when I went to talk to other people I realized I couldn’t. Before long I couldn’t breathe and […]

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Silenced or Stuck?

Not everyone starts out in the same place, so it amazes me that people can expect one another to be at the same destination. What do you mean Jess? People grow up with good families or friends they still have and so they might have yet to experience true loneliness, loss, or bitterness towards God.  […]

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We’re not from the same place